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Tire Protecting Wax, Tire Polish, Tire Care Wax

PROTECT TIRES FROM AGING,FADING,SUN-CRACKING AND UV RADIATION. Description: The product is elaborately produced by latest neutral formula and most advanced technology.Provide the tyres great help to resist from UV,keep t...

Place of Origin:China (mainland)

Supplier: Middle Industry Co., Ltd.

Business: Export

Min. Order: 100 Boxes  

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Motor Oil Standard Brake Fluid

1. High equilibrium reflux boiling point 2. Competitive price 3. Fast delivery

Place of Origin:China (mainland)

Supplier: Jinhua Gafle Auto Maintenance Supplies Plant Co., Ltd.

Business: Export, OEM/ODM, Manufacture

Min. Order: 10000 Unit/Units  

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Place of Origin:

Supplier: Speed Metal Co., Ltd.

Business: Import

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Nissan Consult 4

Product name:Nissan Consult 4 Item: Details: Nissan Consult 4 Nissan Consult 4 supports all Nissan and Infinit vehicles from 1996 to Now. I. Features: Nissan Consult 4 offers several major advantages over the curr...

Place of Origin:China (mainland)

Supplier: OBD Diagnosis Co. Ltd.

Business: Export, Manufacture

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Acryl Primer Hs 4:1

2-pack acrylic undercoat for car repairs. - Easy to mixing and apply. - Short hardening time. - Good filling properties. Color - Light grey, gray, white, black. Gloss Grade – Matt.

Place of Origin:Poland

Supplier: TROTON

Business: Export, Import, Manufacture

Min. Order: 2000  

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T321 Air-intake Cleaner

Car care products/Car cleaner T321 Air-intake Cleaner TREVOR Air intake Cleaner is professionally formulated to safely blast away gum and varnish from air throttle plates and throttle plate shafts. TREVOR Air Intake ...

Place of Origin:China (mainland)

Supplier: Skymen Chemical Co., Ltd.

Business: OEM/ODM, Manufacture

Min. Order: negotiable  

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Carbon Remover/Fuel Cleaner

Theory: "CAVALRY "can professional remove the carbon of nozzle,intake valve,cylinder,Optimize nozzel spraying performance.Meanwhile the intake ratio can reach the best state,the engine will regain strong power. Efficacy: ...

Place of Origin:China (mainland)

Supplier: Shandong Guohong Energy Co.,Ltd

Business: Export, Wholesale, OEM/ODM, Retail, Manufacture

Min. Order: 10000pcs  

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Auto Coolants

. Freon, refrigerant, auto or car accessories . Packing: can of 150 g (N.W.) . Recyclable cylinder 20 kg/40 L, 460 kg/926 L . Application: refrigerant, R12 replacement . Molecular mass: 58.12 . Boiling point, °C: -11.70 . Cr...

Place of Origin:China (mainland)

Supplier: Top Sincere International Trading Co., Ltd.

Business: Export, Import, Wholesale, OEM/ODM, Service

Min. Order: Different quantity,  

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Chain Lubricant Spray

CHAIN LUBRICANT SPRAY FP CHAIN LUBRICANT SPRAY is a highly versatile and excellent performance lubricant spray suitable for all types of drive and chains. FEATURES: * Maximum performance for penetration, lubrication and exce...

Place of Origin:China (mainland)

Supplier: Shenzhen Xiangying Eco Tech Co., Ltd

Business: Manufacture

Min. Order: 6000 Pieces  

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Car Care (Petrol Treatment)

Place of Origin:China (mainland)

Supplier: Shenzhen Rainbow GTM Co., Ltd.

Business: Export, Manufacture

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