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Aibe is an all-round AI system specially designed for the B2B industry

Aibe uses AI technology to help you write product descriptions

Aibe uses AI technology to generate social media posts

Aibe uses AI technology to assist in inquiry and quotation

Aibe uses AI technology to modify articles

Aibe uses AI technology to translate to 13 languages quickly

Get Aibe full-featured use AI system to improve company efficiency

AI Be Everything
Start Your
Artificial Intelligence
Generative AI
For B2B Marketing
Applying AI to Accelerate
B2B work efficiency
Aibe is an all-round AI system specially designed for the
B2B industry. It provides manufacturers a lots powerful
tools and services. From writing product information,
posting social media, to replying inquiries, to modifying
articles, and then to provides translate service for various
languages. Aibe helps your company to improve
efficiency and create revenue comprehensively.
Makes Aibe be a part of your company
Aibe Image Matting
Image Matting is a tedious and time-consuming
process, yet it's indispensable. Introducing Aibe's
innovative new feature,which saves you more precious
time and effort, making background removal
effortless and straightforward. Through deep learning,
Aibe's AI system can automatically identify the main
objects and backgrounds within images, allowing
for precise background removal.
Whether it's product photos, promotional images,
or portraits, Aibe can handle them with ease. With
just one click, enhance theprofessionalism of your
Aibe Copywriter and Planer
According to the product information you provide,
automatically generate attractive detail page content, Aibe
directly completes the product description, and also includes
product title, keyword planning and suggestions, no longer
time-consuming and laborious writing word by word, saving
your precious time and energy. And you only need to review
and fine-tune the content before you can go online.
Aibe Social Media Manager
Improving brand exposure on social media is the key to
modern marketing. For followers of social media, posts can be
quickly generated, and corresponding posts can be generated
according to different social platforms, even each post The
tone of the content is free to choose, Aibe can help you
expand your brand awareness and attract more potential
Aibe Sales Specialist
Replying inquiries effectively is the key factor to getting
business. You only need basic reply information, and then Aibe
helps you to complete the quotation writing with 13 languages
directly. The quotation can provide basic quotation information
in Chinese. Aibe can write quotation directly with
corresponding languages, and quickly interpret and answer
customer inquiries that provide professional and personalized
Aibe Proofreading Assistant
Writing is an art, which needs professional proofreading and
modify. Aibe will modify the completed article to improve the
structure, grammar and style of the content that makes the
content more attractive. Whether it is company profile, Press
releases or industry news, Aibe can ensure smooth and
consistent content and enhance professional image.
Aibe Translation Secretary
Expand the international market? Aibe is able to provide fast
and accurate multi-language translate services. Aibe is
proficient in 13 languages translation. Instead of translating
individual words and putting together articles, Aibe can
interpret and translate after reading the articles, and it can also
generate translation results in different situations according to
different occasions. You don’t need to worry about language
barriers, and easily expand global market.
The advantage of Aibe is not only the versatility, but also the powerful
ability of artificial intelligence.
Through continuous learning and improvement, Aibe can understand
and imitate writing style and expression that makes the generated
content more natural and smooth.
No matter how massive your company scale is, just getting started or
growing rapidly
Aibe can meet your need accurately and quickly.
Get Aibe full function now
Improve compant effectiveness and
into the new era of e-commerce